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NAB 2012: Brevity accelerates file-based workflows

Brevity, a venture-backed NYC start-up, has introduced V3, its technology that delivers simultaneous transcoding and highly accelerated transport of high-resolution video as an integrated process on any network.

Brevity, a venture-backed NYC start-up, has introduced V3, its technology that delivers simultaneous transcoding and highly accelerated transport of high-resolution video as an integrated process on any network. V3 delivers this capability through a Web-based enterprise video management solution that uses automated project-driven workflows, advanced algorithms, virtual storage, Web-based interfaces, and teraflops of computing power.

Tested by North American broadcasters, Brevity V3 moves securely encrypted files over Internet, fibre, or data satellite while maintaining high quality resolution and support for leading industry codecs and formats such as Avid DNxHD, EVS MXF, Final Cut Pro, Sony Cameras and others. Brevity has been tested successfully on uncompressed, high bit rate video, 2k and 4k DPX files, as well as compressed HD and SD files.

 “Our goal has been to enable anyone who works with large volumes of media to work smarter, faster and more intuitively than ever before,” said Jake Bronstein, co-founder and CEO, Brevity. “Our clients have achieved massive acceleration in transfer speeds with no compromise to image quality and they’ve also eliminated hours of additional time that would’ve been spent transcoding files. We are transforming file-based workflows and opening up new opportunities for the entire industry.” “Before Brevity, the tasks of transcoding, frame rate conversion, standards conversion, and transport required a range of separate tools and point solutions – each demanding manual operation, automated management or a combination of both to serve the linear workflow,” said Tim O’Brien, COO, Brevity. “As a result, the M&E industry has endured with hardened workarounds that have been budgeted as a cost of doing business. Even with digital tools there are analogue workflows, and overnight delivery of hard drives has become the unfortunate industry norm – Brevity is positively disrupting all of this.” Within V3 there are two core algorithms, Data Warp, which is bit for bit lossless, and Image Warp, a customised algorithm for video that is visually lossless. Image Warp has been tested successfully against ProRes 4444 and Avid DNxHD 220 in a recent Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) test, scoring at over 60 decibels, which is an objective industry measure of quality. Both Data Warp and Image Warp create ‘transport’ mezzanine files that reduce storage requirements while supporting industry standard camera or editing formats at ingest and at output – a range of standard playout and proxy formats. The Brevity solution also includes Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) based video routers to provide teraflops of computing power to handle the compute intensive algorithms. V3 is based on a powerful project paradigm that allows for approved users from one or more organisations to access project files virtualised across storage arrays, private clouds, or public clouds like Amazon. If a file is ingested, there can be a set of rules associated with the video that sends it to users automatically via accelerated transport and simultaneous transcode. The video moves with speed to all locations, arriving at the destination already in one or more requested formats based on pre-set profiles. V3 also has open web-services interfaces that enable integration and connections with a wide range of existing applications and tools. Brevity’s main security measures consist of live handshaking shared key credentials and 4096-bit encryption during transit and storage. Brevity sends a transport file, not a playable video, over the network and each file requires the Brevity algorithm and data format to open properly. If intercepted, the file would be unusable without the specific source code. Brevity’s industry partners include Avid, with support for all Avid DNxHD formats and EVS, with support for the proprietary legacy EVS MXF format as well as the EVS OpenCube suite that wraps files in OP1a or QuickTime formats. Brevity also offers complete support for ProRes including the ProRes-DNxHD conversions. Brevity is also announcing a strategic partnership with TRANZXL, a bi-coastal company that is launching the first Brevity-based service bureaus and on-location rentals to accommodate the growing need for time and cost savings associated with HD media. SL13316