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Infostrada uses Riedel comms for German reality show

Riedel Communications has provided an Artist digital matrix intercom system and Acrobat wireless comms to Infostrada Creative Technology for a German reality show.

Riedel Communications has provided an Artist digital matrix intercom system and Acrobat wireless comms to Infostrada Creative Technology, a Dutch company responsible for technical production of a unique reality show in Germany. During production of this social television experiment, Infostrada is using the Riedel equipment to create an extensive and flexible intercom system that connects Infostrada’s Mobile Datacenter with remote locations on site.

“We are using Riedel’s intercom solution because it has a strong record in terms of performance and ease of use, and it comes with excellent local support and service,” said Casper Choffat, R&D manager at Infostrada Creative Technology. “The solution’s innovative use of MADI audio was another important factor, as it will enable us to configure and route extensive communications audio with ease.”

Infostrada has used Riedel equipment extensively throughout its own facilities for many years, so the company is very familiar with how the company’s Artist and Acrobat intercom systems may be configured and operated. For this production, Infostrada developed a complete mobile datacenter within a 40-foot container, installing comprehensive systems including the Riedel Artist system. Using fibre, the company has extended the intercoms externally to remote locations on-site, where the panels are connected over AES connections. All connections to and from the mobile datacenter are on fibre, and a total of 14 multicore fibre cables connect the container to all remote locations.

Supporting wireless intercom communications, the Acrobat element of the Riedel installation gives headset users in remote locations the flexibility to move about without compromising audio quality or continuity. The integration of the Riedel RiFace system further extends the communications network to include the operational crew, working in the field with digital radios.

“Infostrada is a long-time customer of ours, and we’re pleased to be working with the company in building the versatile communications network critical to challenging and unusual live production environments,” said Wilbert Kooij, director of Benelux at Riedel. “The very nature of this production presented obvious communications challenges. While this particular use case is new for Riedel equipment, the flexibility and reliability of the Artist and Acrobat systems and their success in many similarly difficult environments make them an ideal fit for this production.”