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Free webinar: Next-generation IP routing for live production

Webinar explores why the implementation of IP is an effective way to enable future-proof broadcast and media workflows

In conjunction with EVS, TVBEurope is offering a free webinar exploring next-generation IP routing for live production.

Registrees can hear from EVS vice president of product marketing James Stellpflug (pictured), and Olivier Bastard, vice president, sales, Cisco, who discuss why the implementation of IP is an effective way to enable future-proof broadcast and media workflows, given the multiplication of media sources and formats.

The webinar was originally broadcast as the appetiser for MediaTech 360, which took place from 5th-9th June.

While a large portion of broadcast and media industry has already converged to IP for all non-live infrastructure aspects, the live domain remains the last bastion of SDI and other point-to-point signal flows.

Although using IP networks for the transport of uncompressed real-time video is a powerful enabler, it comes with challenges. One of them is how to ensure that IP networks provide the same level of reliability as today’s SDI operations. At the core, how do we guarantee that a stochastic, packet-switched network behaves as reliably and simply as a synchronous circuit-switched network?

This challenge is not unique to the broadcast world. Many other industries have experienced the same transition, ultimately to the benefit of those industries and to the customers they serve.

Stellpflug has more than two decades of industry experience including facility design and integration, mobile satellite communication, and mobile TV production, with roles that had him overseeing several major technology transitions, including migrations from analogue to digital, SD to HD, and more recently from linear to cloud and VoD distribution. He has been with EVS since 2000.

Bastard has been with Cisco for five years, and was previously vice president of sales at NDS. Passionate about video solutions and the larger media industry, Bastard has been working with media and service providers to offer disruptive and differentiating solutions having a direct impact on customer’s business.

Access the webinar here.