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EXPWAY launches first DVB-H ESG

France's EXPWAY has scored a world's first by providing an Electronic Services Guide (ESG) for La3 - 3 Italia's mobile TV service.

France’s EXPWAY has scored a world’s first by providing an Electronic Services Guide (ESG) for La3 – 3 Italia’s mobile TV service.

The La3 service is based on the DVB-H transmission standard, combining pay and free-access channels, as well as a TV shopping channel, to test the potential for interactive mobile commerce in Italy. It is now using EXPWAY’s FastESG technology to promote and enable access to the broadcast TV streams.

“We strongly believe in DVB-H and, for this reason, we have selected technologically advanced partners that believe, as we do, in this business, and offer the highest levels of reliability,” said Dina Ravera, Chief Operating Officer of 3 Italia.

“As pioneers in shaping an open market environment for mobile broadcast services through international standardisation organisations such as DVB, we are very grateful and delighted to have been selected by 3 Italia for the world’s first DVB-H mobile TV commercial launch,” echoed Antoine Weil, EXPWAY’s chairman and CEO.

EXPWAY’s technology will be integrated into DVB-H mobile phones and the telecommunications network to manage content information and allow 3 Italia to offer a wide variety of interactive services, thus generating new revenue opportunities for the Italian operator.

The ESG is the single gateway to enable seamless access to content such as radio and TV channels as well as on-demand content over mobile networks. The FastESG system, which is compliant with DVB-CBMS specifications, offers the flexibility guaranteed by the mobile TV standard along with more advanced features, placing the ESG at the centre of revenue opportunities targeted by mobile TV operators. FastESG will enable 3 Italia to diversify its range of services and attract and retain customers in a growing but intensely competitive environment.