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Dalet solution for Mediaset TV news production

Italian commercial broadcaster Mediaset has chosen Dalet Enterprise Edition for the centralisation and streamlining of its TV news operations, including a news channel which is to launch later this year.

Italian commercial broadcaster Mediaset has chosen Dalet Enterprise Edition for the centralisation and streamlining of its TV news operations, including a 24/7 news channel which is scheduled to launch later this year.

Mediaset journalists throughout Italy and in-the-field will employ Dalet Enterprise Edition to browse wires, prepare text, edit video, and create voiceovers and packages from the Dalet desktop.

A single Dalet Media Asset Management (MAM) platform will manage the entire news organisation, facilitating sharing, cataloguing and preparation of content for multiple outlets. The rollout of the Dalet MAM platform begins with the installation of Dalet newsroom, video production and playout tools in Milan for the Studio Aperto channel and for Mediaset’s newly-created central news agency, which is the hub for news-gathering, video production and feeds to regional channels and web operations. Deployment will then extend to include all ten of Mediaset’s regional stations as well as the all-news channel.

In total, more than 120 news agency staff members will be using Dalet in the agency hub, along with another 25 journalists working in Rome, who will be connected to the same Dalet content database to review assignment, browse wires and video, and create their locally-produced reports. Remote journalists will be able to access the database from the field using Dalet Web Space. Meanwhile, 40 archivists in Milan and Rome will utilise the metadata management and cataloguing/search tools in Dalet Enterprise Edition.

Mauro Cassanmagnago, deputy general manager, department of research and engineering, Mediaset, commented: “The ability to unify our news operations with the Dalet Enterprise Edition working on a single database will give us tremendous advantages. Combined with Dalet’s flexible, desktop production tools, we’ll see immediate improvements and efficiencies in how our journalists, build, broadcast and share their stories. We’ll also be able to better leverage the content for the launch of our 24/7 news channel and for other new media platforms. We believe the Dalet solution, with its advanced, open-IT platform and proven scalability, gives us an excellent long-term solution for news prep and dissemination. It integrates well with the many other elements of our infrastructure and is also adaptable for future technology advances.”

Business partner and system integrator Media Power is working closely with Dalet to design and deploy the Enterprise installation.

Stephane Schlayen, chief operating officer of Dalet, commented: “Dalet technology provides a simplified yet sophisticated workflow that addresses the needs and intensive demands of large news organisations such as Mediaset. The Dalet platform is robust and multi-layered with exceptional metadata and media management; our workflow engine facilitates files conversions, media and metadata exchanges between the diverse hardware and software systems, and dramatically increases collaboration from ingest through archive. Using Dalet SOA-based architecture, Mediaset can tightly integrate other systems and take advantage of emerging technologies to best suit their needs – now and in the future.”