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CTV receives Cache-Media monitors

UK company Cache-Media has supplied Marshall QV171X-HDSDI Quad monitors with IMD (In Monitor Display) to CTV’s MVT3 OB 'Tape' truck.

UK company Cache-Media has supplied Marshall QV171X-HDSDI Quad monitors with IMD to CTV’s MVT3 OB ‘Tape’ truck. The IMD feature (In Monitor Display) allows picture source information and tallies to be displayed directly on the monitor, allowing space and financial savings to be made by negating the need for an Under Monitor Display (UMD) system. Paul Francis, head of VTR at CTV said: “The space, weight, power and financial savings of using the Marshall Quads in the truck made them an obvious choice especially when they can also be used with the computer output of the EVS. Having HDSDI with DVI input is a good combination. In total we purchased 15 monitors and have also purchased Marshall monitors in the past.” “Also we did a job right after BAFTA where most of the Quads were turned into DVI displays for five Avid suites around the truck. This feature was a huge bonus in space, efficiency and flexibility.” The QUAD VIEWER Series is the latest addition to Marshall’s line of IMD-equipped monitors. The QV171X-HDSDI 17-inch Quad Viewer features a full resolution 1920 x 1200 LCD panel, built-in high quality HD Quad Splitter, four independent HD-SDI inputs, one DVI-I input, IMD (In-Monitor Display) capability, Audio Presence indicator, and Time Code. Video and DVI-I both offer full screen mode, while quad-split mode is scaled to fit onscreen in the highest resolution. IMD and Tally are supported via manual mode, along with Image Video, NVISION, MEI (Marshall), and TSL protocols. Other features include Closed-Caption presence display, two front panel user-configurable function buttons, RS-422/485 port with pass-through, and field-upgradeable