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ChyronHego launches graphics platforms at NAB 2013

ChyronHego demonstrated all-new broadcast graphics platforms Mosaic and Graffiti.

At the NAB Show, ChyronHego demonstrated all-new broadcast graphics platforms Mosaic and Graffiti. Mosaic fits within existing workflows or ChyronHego’s BlueNet solution, either as a stand-alone character generator for live operation or as a primary graphics engine in automated environments, when integrated with ChyronHego’s CAMIO graphics asset management server. Mosaic delivers creation-to-playout capability, realtime 2D/3D animation, an optional onboard DVE, video and audio mixers, and it supports a variety of native clip formats and standards, including SD, HD and 1080p. Product specialists highlighted two Graffiti models: Graffiti SDI, a system loaded with the Lyric PRO graphics creation software, and Graffiti SDI Flex, a portable character generator boasting all the features of Graffiti SDI. Graffiti will integrate into existing workflows and will serve as a key component in ChyronHego’s BlueNet solution. Graffiti SDI and Graffiti SDI Flex are user selectable from SD to 1080i video standards. Graffiti SDI will be available in a single- or dual-channel configuration – each channel providing video and key outputs. Graffiti SDI Flex will ship in a lightweight chassis, and operation requires a customer-supplied Thunderbolt-equipped laptop. The Graffiti systems are expected to be available by the end of June 2013.