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Canon to bring 3D replays to Rugby World Cup

Fans will be able to watch angles not seen via traditional cameras

Canon will provide highlight footage created by the its Free Viewpoint Video System during seven matches during the forthcoming Rugby World Cup.

According to the company, the highlights feature viewpoints and angles not possible with conventional cameras.

Canon will create Free Viewpoint Video content during all seven of the tournament matches to be held at the International Stadium Yokohama, including Ireland v Scotland, England v France, both semi-finals and the tournament’s final on 2nd November.

The system comprises multiple high-resolution cameras set up around a stadium, which are connected to a network and controlled via software to simultaneously capture the game from multiple viewpoints. Afterward, image processing technology renders the videos as high-resolution 3D spatial data within which users can freely move a virtual camera around the 3D space, resulting in video that can be viewed from various different angles and viewpoints.

The footage will be provided to the International Games Broadcast Services, who will then distribute the content to rights holders for broadcast, streaming, news, sports commentary programmes and other forms of content viewing. In addition, content will be made available on the Canon homepage approximately 24 hours after the conclusion of each match.

The Rugby World Cup kicks off in Japan on 20th September.