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BBC, EMG Group join Sustainability-as-a-Service webinar

The free webinar on 7th September will explore the balance between attaining sustainable practice and maintaining broadcast-quality innovation

TVBEurope and Ross Video are delighted to announce speakers from the BBC and EMG Group have joined our Sustainability-as-a-Service webinar on 7th September.

The free webinar will explore the balance between attaining sustainable practice and maintaining broadcast-quality innovation. It takes place at 3pm BST (4pm CEST/10am EST).

Rohan Mitchell, ESG director at EMG Group, and Geoff Woolf, lead project manager – sustainability at the BBC will join Alun Fryer, technical marketing lead for Hyperconverged Solutions at Ross Video, as speakers, with more still tba.

Like the pre-standards days of the path to IP adoption and interoperability, the media and entertainment industry’s roadmap to sustainability is seemingly a proprietary one, with industry vendors adopting sustainability, carbon offsetting, and net-zero targets of their own.

Is this landscape conducive to the efforts the industry needs to make on sustainable practice? Is there a need for industry-wide standardised processes and best practice? How do we balance green initiatives while maintaining our high standards of product innovation?

The webinar will explore all of these points and more as a panel of industry stakeholders debates the challenges faced by broadcasters when factoring sustainability into their buying decisions, and indeed how it affects who they do business with. We will look at the balance of procuring green solutions without compromising on the quality of the output; how vendors are approaching sustainability; and how the industry can strike a balance between reaching green targets while maintaining the level of product R&D, innovation and deployment required to cater for broadcasters’ evolving needs.

Don’t miss out on this webinar with leading experts sharing their knowledge on sustainability in the media and entertainment industry.

Register for free, and submit any questions you may have, here.