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albert names Tellyo a sustainable supplier to TV and film industry

"We’re very pleased to welcome Tellyo to our list of sustainable suppliers," said albert sustainability analyst Will Bourns

Cloud-based video production platform Tellyo is the latest technology company to be recognised for its sustainability by albert.

“As the leading screen industry organisation for environmental sustainability, albert is here to champion the environment and highlight those companies working in film and TV that see green practices as a core part of their operations”, said albert sustainability analyst Will Bourns.

“As media producers increasingly adopt cloud-based workflows for collaboration and production, we’re very pleased to welcome Tellyo to our list of sustainable suppliers.”

Tellyo CEO Richard Collins added: “We’re delighted to be recognised by albert because the environmental impact of our business is being more closely considered by our customers who, in turn, want to minimise their own carbon footprint.

“As a cloud-native company we obviously don’t manufacture products, but we still consume resources and that means we have a responsibility, by default, to work with our partners and suppliers to reduce energy consumption and use greener options wherever we can. As people consider their travel and working patterns more critically, cloud-based collaboration and production workflows make greater economic and environmental sense, and Tellyo is well placed to help the industry become greener and more sustainable”.