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It starts with the customer

Just before NAB 2019 TSL announced its acquisition of DNF Controls, a US-based company offering a wide range of human-to-machine and machine-to-machine solutions for more than 27 years.

Building solutions that enable customers to perform tasks with ease and to the highest quality drives TSL and DNF’s philosophy and has fed the development of the control platforms that are offered to broadcasters, corporate institutions, entertainment venues, government and space agencies, military and education facilities worldwide.

Whilst TSL Products has experienced significant success for our broadcast control system, TallyMan, with over 2,000 installations worldwide, the solutions offered by DNF provides additional functionality for our customers, specifically MOS integration to work with news systems, SCTE control, used for advert and regional content insertion and automated schedules and rundowns for playout services.

As one company, TSL will continue to pride itself on being able to understand and address the pain points and the key issues that customers are trying to solve. Through the combining of TSL’s TallyMan platform with DNF’s control portfolio, customers will benefit from a customisable, flexible and powerful system.

There will be a period of transition to bring the DNF, TallyMan and InSite product families together. TSL and DNF have a joined vision which feeds into the overall Control Platform product roadmap and our existing customers will be able to maintain and grow their existing systems, and for new systems complete solutions can incorporate components from all product families to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for the customer.

Above all, maintaining a user-friendly experience, regardless of the advances in underlying technology is paramount to customer satisfaction. Any new platform from TSL comes complete with a roadmap designed in response to today’s rapid changing environments and we continually keep our ear to the ground, in terms of being active members of leading industry organizations, such as SMPTE and AMWA

We also value customer feedback and their changing needs, which helps us stay at the forefront of evolving workflows and what kinds of features our customers are looking for. With IP workflows becoming more and more a reality, we continue to design products and solutions that support both traditional SDI and IP infrastructures to cater to both workflows.