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Sneak peek at the IBC 2022 Accelerator Programme 

The IBC Accelerator Programme returns to IBC this year, after making its debut in 2019. We preview another raft of innovative projects in a programme that looks set to be one of the highlights of IBC for years to come

One of the highlights of IBC 2019 was the addition of the Accelerator Programme, part of the media innovation programme. It was created to support the media and entertainment industry with a framework for agile, collaborative and fast-track innovation through a multi-company project-based approach to solving complex media and entertainment business and technology challenges.  

The programme returns this year on the new Innovation Stage (9-12 September, Hall 2), which in addition to the Accelerator Programme will offer an agenda that intends to “unlock the path to innovation” in areas such as cloud, 5G, gaming, and ad-tech using insights and projects from manufacturers, software providers, start-ups and content experts. 

Ahead of this year’s show, we take a look at the eight accelerator media innovation projects that attendees can look forward to seeing at IBC 2022. 

Cloud based live events, analytics and low latency protocols 

Proposed and pitched by Microsoft 

This project’s aim is to demonstrate how professional live sports events, with multiple camera feeds, can be delivered at scale with full visibility, including live IP signal ingest, standards conversion as well as assessing the potential to introduce low latency protocols.

Cloud localisation blueprint

Proposed and pitched by Fabric 

A first-of-its-kind project, according to the proposal, that brings together predominant supply chain software companies to create a “definitive blueprint for distributing entertainment content globally”. From licensing to localisation and final delivery, attendees will be able to learn what industry leaders believe are the key considerations for building a best practice cloud-based media supply chain for content localisation.

Next generation news studio 

Proposed and pitched by TV2, Denmark 

This project takes to task what the next generation of news studio will look like and how it could combine the latest technologies. The pitch states that “never has there been so many exciting technologies that can be integrated into news studio production”, and so this accelerator project sets out to explore and define a future-proof concept for news studios. 

5G and the arena of the future for XR events

Proposed and pitched by Vodafone, ESL & Hado 

The pitch points to the project partners’ award-winning 2021, with this IBC project once again combining the winning formula of 5G and XR (extended realities) to further push 5G’s low latency and connectivity into the 3D arena-verse of the future via live augmented reality esports and multi-location, multi-player fan hyper-personalisation using immersive, real-time technologies. 

5G remote production… in the middle of nowhere

Proposed and pitched by the University of Strathclyde

Following on from work in the Accelerator programme over the last two years, this “breakthrough project” aims to demonstrate just how portable flexible a private 5G ‘network in a box’ can be for live broadcast production use cases, taking it to some truly remote global locations, as well as to the IBC show itself. 

6DOF audio-led narrative and music experiences in the metaverse

Proposed and pitched by Magic Beans

Creating first-person-perspective music and narrative experiences that audiences are free to move around and interact with. The project aims to understand how 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) audio content in the metaverse will impact upon content creation and delivery.

Volumetric video for broadcasting, metaverse production and RT3D assets

Proposed and pitched by RTÉ, Trinity College Dublin 

The pitch here is to build the live studio of the future and evolve the traditional broadcast pipeline to incorporate the latest content creation technologies such as volumetric, motion capture, live action and 3D render engine, ensuring efficient delivery of real-time content for multiple platforms including broadcast, live-streaming, the metaverse and interactive channels.

Media content sharing, monetisation and micropayment systems via blockchain

Proposed and pitched by Tata Elxsi

This project will utilise Blockchain technology to explore content sharing, micropayments and incentivisation solutions that will enable OTT subscribers (authorised users) to share content with a new set of users (non-subscribers), operate as a micro-distribution channel, and receive and enable rewards.

It’s an intriguing menu of proposals, all of which are seeking to harness innovative technologies for the development of broadcast capabilities, and we look forward with interest to see the results.

More information including video content about this year’s Accelerator projects can be found here