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EVS to showcase its comprehensive and integrated suite of solutions at IBC 2023

At this year’s event, EVS is set to showcase its comprehensive and integrated suite of solutions, designed to redefine live storytelling and enhance production workflows in any environment.

Offering a creative and cohesive working environment from production to monetisation

EVS will highlight the benefits of its VIA platform, which provides common and flexible technology catering to the specific needs of various stakeholders including broadcasters, production teams, content owners, and digital marketers.

For production purposes, the LiveCeption solution leverages the power of the platform to enable creators to deliver captivating replays whether they are on-site or working remotely. The MediaCeption solution utilises the platform to provide web-based browsing and editing tools that enhance collaboration among production teams. On the distribution side, EVS’ MediaHub solution allows content owners to easily monetise their assets through cloud-based operations and facilitates social media engagement. Additionally, EVS’ multi-camera review system, Xeebra, empowers officials to analyse and make real-time decisions.

At the core of the platform lies its ability to handle video, audio, and data inputs through scalable input/output channels, as well as efficient file import functionalities. On top of that, an intelligent and evolutive data management layer offers content enrichment and AI-based search capabilities, while an advanced API gateway layer allows for seamless third-party integrations.

Raising the standards for remote and centralised production hubs

EVS will emphasize its significant role in making better and more efficient live productions in all environments.

By combining XT-VIA production servers with IP-connected LSM-VIA control systems, the LiveCeption solution for live production, replays and highlights, enables flexible deployments while guaranteeing the excellence demanded by the most experienced replay operators. Whether operating from a truck or from centralised production hubs, LiveCeption ensures consistent performance and premium quality in highly reactive operations, on-premises or remotely.

Furthermore, EVS will unveil the latest version of its Xeebra multi-camera review system, designed to facilitate remote workflows even in low-bandwidth environments. This enhanced version caters to the demands of centralised video operation rooms (VOR), ensuring swift and reliable operations that reinforce collaboration regardless of geographical constraints.

Harnessing the power of AI

As a pioneer in leveraging artificial intelligence in live production, EVS will demonstrate multiple use cases of AI integration at the show.

Having recently renewed its FIFA certifications, Xeebra’s integrated offside line technology uses machine learning to generate virtual offside lines for both 2D and 3D analysis with unmatched speed and precision.

AI is also employed in EVS’ MediaCeption Signature production asset management solution, powering “natural language” search capabilities allowing non-technical users to effortlessly find what they are looking for.

Another example of how AI enhances live production is with XtraMotion. The award-winning super slow-motion service uses machine learning algorithms developed by EVS’ Innovation Team to generate high-quality, super slow-motion replays from any camera angle, unlocking new and smart storytelling opportunities for production teams.

Enhancing flexibility with Balanced Computing 

EVS remains committed to its Balanced Computing approach, providing adaptive deployment options between on-premises and cloud environments tailored to individual customer preferences and specific production requirements.

The EVS LiveCeption team will demonstrate XtraMotion 2.0, which can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premises, enabling customers to achieve even faster turnaround times.

MediaHub, EVS’ SaaS content exchange solution, will also be showcased, highlighting the benefits of cloud-based delivery functions that foster highly collaborative workflows. MediaHub enables rights owners to distribute content quickly and efficiently to rights-holders, who can easily access the required assets from any location.

Flexible routing and new live production multiviewer 

Also on the show floor is MediaInfra Strada, a complete routing solution that offers a smooth transition to full IP infrastructures and serves the needs of demanding live productions, in any environment.

Based on a winning combination of EVS’ Cerebrum broadcast control and monitoring system, Arista Ethernet switches and with IP and SDI I/O for uncompressed real-time video and audio from Neuron, the MediaInfra Strada routing solution offers highly flexible operations through an easy-to-control interface.

The full line of Neuron products will be presented, including the latest addition, Neuron View, a high-quality scaling and low latency live production multiviewer. Specifically designed to support the needs of live production teams, one View card can support two UHD outputs or up to eight full HD outputs in a fully customisable layout.

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