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Sony launches new suite of cloud-based microservices

Media Solutions Toolkit offers a number of cloud-native, specialised services, each addressing a particular function, like import or workflow management

Sony has announced Media Solutions Toolkit, designed to help media companies build systems that address their specific production, workflows and management needs.

The suite of cloud-based microservices includes:

  • Ingest Management Service: management of file and stream imports
  • Content Management Service: for organising media and its metadata
  • Content Analysis Service: analytics that add to a file’s metadata automatically, including autotagging for archiving and object recognition in footage
  • Workflow Management Service: management of the entire production chain, from capture to distribution
  • Data and Monitoring Service: overarching view of how media is accessed and used, with logs, metrics and system reports
  • Volume Management Service: management of all storage resources, whether cloud or on premise
  • User Management Service: control of access to specific folders and systems, for groups and individuals

Sony wants users to be able to choose and combine from the list of services available. The Toolkit will be available from May 2021, as a subscription, managed service or via licenses. It’s been designed for cloud and hybrid environments, but Sony says it will also be deployable on-premise.

The Media Solutions Toolkit will also integrate with existing Sony applications, such as the Ci cloud platform and third-party applications.