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Promethean launches sports stats overlay, SDI opens new Finnish facility, and more

TVBEurope rounds up the latest product and tech news from Promethean TV, SDI Media and Open Broadcast Systems

Promethean TV launches sports stats overlay

Promethean TV has launched a new sports stats overlay that will allow audiences at home to “lean in” to sport content.

It includes immersive touch screen statistics and overlays that allow users to access real time statistics for the game or league they are watching without leaving the video stream. Available stats include: live scores and league table updates, team line-ups, individual player statistics, and detailed head to head statistics for the teams featured in the broadcast.

Users of the company’s Ignite Video product can place contextual and relevant overlays in real time, create and manage overlays remotely, with scheduled activation programming for VoD and real time publishing for live streams.

According to the company, the overlays will provide broadcasters with a way to further engage their audiences with branded stats experiences, in addition to the broadcast itself, that can be sold as part of a digital advertising campaign.

SDI opens new Finnish facility

SDI Media has increased its footprint in Finland by 50 per cent with the opening of a new facility in Helsinki.

The new facility, located in Helsinki, includes:

  • Five recording rooms
  • Theatrical room
  • One edit suite
  • Sixth flexible studio/theatrical room
  • Connectivity with 1Gbps, Aspera Faspex, Signiant and FTP
  • Fully Security compliant with majors physical/digital standards

Pekka Salo, SDI Media Finland country manager said: “This bigger and better facility will enable us to fully service the growing Finnish localisation market, offering dubbing and subtitling services to content owners wishing to localise their content. We have increased the size of our studios to meet new standards with higher security and have the capacity to take on more work with our investment in technology and space.”


Open Broadcast Systems debuts native uncompressed IP decoding

Open Broadcast Systems has added native Uncompressed IP decoding to its C-200 decoder product.

It can decode to 2110 Uncompressed IP using software running on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This is in addition to the company’s existing encoders which are capable of encoding 2110 Uncompressed IP to MPEG-TS.

Native IP processing removes the need for conversion to or from SDIm reducing the amount of hardware needed as well as fully maximising the efficiencies afforded with IP contribution workflows. Production teams can easily spin up and down additional capacity as necessary, for example, during live events or breaking news.

Kieran Kunhya, CEO, Open Broadcast Systems, commented: “Uncompressed IP brings new efficiencies that allow video content providers to do more. This marks an important step change for IP contribution, as removing the need for conversion enables our customers to fully maximise the space and cost efficiencies of IP.”