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Transmitters sent to broadcast Germany’s DAB+ network

In DAB radio broadcast news, Rohde & Schwarz has announced the delivery of 71 VHF transmitters to Media Broadcast, the operator of Germany’s second national DAB+ network. According to the company, the TMV9 and THV9 transmitters went live on 5th October and provide the transmission infrastructure for Germany’s second national “DAB+ multiplex”. 

The Media Broadcast-operated network comprises 71 radio transmitter stations, located within the main metropolitan areas, and also along Germany’s autobahn network. The second multiplex enables a further 16 private national radio channels to broadcast over the network, meaning that Germany’s national DAB+ networks comprises some 29 digital radio channels in total.

“The deployed THV9 and TMV9 transmitters are technically field-proven products with the lowest failure rates on the market. Our transmitter series already equip the first national DAB+ multiplex and have been running without any problems for many years,“ explained Manfred Reitmeier, VP transmitters and amplifier systems at Rohde & Schwarz. “Also, the fact that we needed to manufacture and deliver more than 70 DAB+ transmitters in a very short time period was a tailor-made requirement for our team.”