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Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony ‘first mainstream 8K rip on pirate sites’

File, which includes 8K HLG and 22.2 surround sound, appears to have been taken from Japanese broadcaster NHK

The Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is reportedly the first mainstream 8K rip to appear on pirate websites.

According to TorrentFreak, a few days after the event on 23rd July, an 8K HLG rip with 22.2 surround sound started circulating on a private torrent site.

The site says that to its knowledge, it’s the first time a mainstream broadcast in 8K has been pirated.

It adds that the HLG format and the 22.2 audio matches up with the broadcast specs from Japan’s public broadcaster NHK.

The release, which is 135 Gigabytes in size, appears to be from the group TrollUHD, which is known for its high-resolution releases.