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Zunow wide-angle conversion lenses

Japanese lens manufacturer Zunow has three new compact wide-angle conversion lenses (WCX-80, WCX-100 and WCX200) covering many popular compact camcorders.

The WCX-80 provides x0.8 magnification for wide-angle shooting with full zoom through capability and minimal barrel distortion. It includes a 62mm adapter ring, and has a front diameter of 85mm, is 30mm long, weighs 285g, and takes
an optional Zunow HU-85 rubber lens hood.

The WCX-100 is designed for cameras and lenses with a diameter filter thread of 72mm, 77mm and 82mm (and includes the necessary adapter rings).

It has a front diameter of 100mm, is 33mm long and weighs 495g. The WCX-200 is designed for cameras with a Sony EX bayonet mount, has a front diameter of 100mm, is 33mm long and weighs 575g. One of the first users is Kevin Augello of New Earth Films, who uses the WCX-80 on his Sony PWX-X70 camera. “The 20 per cent wider coverage is a real bonus,” he said.

“A lot of the filming we do is in limited environments. There’s no lens distortion; none that I can see anyway.”