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Wyplay: Frog now with added DVB

IBC sees the debut of version 2.0 of Wyplay’s open source set-top box middleware. Codenamed Bull Frog, it now features support for DVB.

The DVB stack includes DVB Service Information parsing and metadata management (DVB-SI, also known as; ETSI Standard EN 300 468); configurable DVB scan (satellite / cable / terrestrial) with NIT/BAT, TP list, and more; the ability to tune scan algorithms with permanent program monitoring; channel list source; EITs source for present/following and schedule; system clock synchronisation; favourites list; configurable parental control, regions and blackout; signal quality management; and subtitles and teletext support.

“Supporting the management of DVB Service Information metadata is crucial for television operators to have the ability to distribute changes to their electronic programme guides in realtime to their subscriber base, automatically adapt personal video recording start and stop times to changes in a show, or more simply to display a banner with all TV channels in the operator’s bouquet,” said Wyplay CTO, Arnaud Chataignier.

Bull Frog is available to all licensees in source code form and as an operator-grade fully tested reference implementation on the hybrid satellite/IPTV Monaco STiH410 system on chip reference design from ST Microelectronics with a dual-satellite tuner and on the Broadcom 7230-based hybrid terrestrial / IPTV set-top box from Airties.