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Wowza Media Systems: Streaming live on the go

The ability to stream rushes direct from cameras to all manner of online devices is a notable development, providing powerful live video experiences while on the go.

In that vein, camera vendor JVC is announcing at IBC2014 that it has teamed with Wowza in support of the latter’s Works With Wowza partner programme to instantly stream video from live events, including breaking news and sports.

With streaming capability built into JVC professional camcorders, users can now stream over both LTE and Wi-Fi networks

“Wowza is an industry leader in streaming technology and we are pleased to announce integration between JVC cameras with streaming capabilities and Wowza Streaming Engine server software,” said Edgar Shane, GM Engineering at JVC. “Through this partnership content, creators can bring live video to end users anywhere, on any device. This opens up new opportunities for content development, as broadcasters are able to deliver realtime video directly to their viewers.”

According to Wowza, customers of the service will experience “tighter integration” from camera to streaming server, so that those who want to transmit content directly from the camera can connect to Wowza Streaming Engine server software. Broadcasters and content creators can transmit high-quality HD video from anywhere to broadcast live on the air or online.

David Stubenvoll, CEO of Wowza says: “The demand for live video streaming is growing, and end users expect to see high-quality, real-time video, and this partnership helps deliver on those expectations.”