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‘World first’ clip-on battery system from Zacuto

The new Gripper Series is claimed to be the first clip-on battery system, and the first batteries specifically designed for use on modern professional rigs.

Unlike a traditional V-mount battery, the Gripper clips directly onto 15mm rods without requiring additional brackets or clamps, whereas Gold or V-mount batteries need battery plates, cheese plates and extra accessories.

Gripper batteries just need a little space on the 15mm rods, and it is claimed to be half the weight and price of traditional rod mounted V-mount battery set-ups.

They are particularly suitable for use with a Zacuto Recoil Rig, especially for Gratical Eye SDI EVF users, as the EVF has a 2-pin Lemo for power and requires external batteries. A Gripper 75Wh battery will power a Gratical Eye for 14 hours. The batteries are manufactured by Hawk-Woods and distributed worldwide by Zacuto.

They cost $260 for 75Wh and $290 for 100Wh.

A single fast charger costs $90 and charges 75Wh in three hours (an upcoming dual charger will cost $146).

Each battery has an LED battery gauge and two P-Taps; an optional accessory with four additional P-Taps attaches to rods.