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Work on LTO-8 is underway

The LTO Program, a consortium to develop and make available LTO as an open format, which was formed by technology provider companies Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM and Quantum, is at IBC to talk about its continuing roadmap for the format.

“We’re talking about the continuing progress of the LTO format, having released version 7 last November, and we are now working on LTO-8,” said LTO Program representative Ed Childers. “The main focus will be increasing the capacity [of version 8] to 12TB (LTO-7 offered 6TB).

“We have a fundamental scalability problem where [the amounts of] data is growing faster than advancements in hard disk technology,” he added. “This is creating a demand for low-cost archive storage, and that’s what the LTO format aims to address.”

Childers reported that at IBC, representatives from the LTO Program will be demonstrating LTO single drive interchange between vendors Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM and Quantum. They are also available to discuss user cases.