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Waves gets live automixing

The eMotion LV1 live mixing console from Waves has added Dugan automixing to its eMotion LV1 live mixer. The Dugan Speech System used in the console was developed by Waves in conjunction with Dan Dugan. The new automixing feature incorporates Dugan’s proprietary voice-activated process and automatically controls the gains of multiple microphones in real time while reducing feedback, studio noise and comb filtering from adjacent microphones.

The Dugan algorithm maintains a consistent system gain, even when multiple speakers are talking simultaneously, and provides perfectly matched crossfades without any compression or noise gating artefacts, according to Dan Dugan. Automixing is integrated into the input channel strips of the LV1, so no patching is required.

Combined with an eMotion LV1 mixing console, the Dugan Speech System can be used in applications such as broadcast news panels, talk shows, houses of worship, film and television dialogue recording, theatrical dialogue, or any kind of discussion panel or conference scenario involving multiple microphones and participants.

The console with the Speech System cues multiple live microphones automatically and in real time and can automix all LV1 input channels simultaneously. ‘Dugan mute’ and override groups are integrated into the LV1 mixer’s mute function, and three independent automixing groups are available.