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Video delivery made EZ

The EZ TV IPTV system, which allows a facility to deliver live, on-demand, or recorded video over their existing IP infrastructure, is on show in Hall 7.

Using the EZ TV Web Portal, administrators can create, manage, and distribute video assets while the system’s browser-based EZ TV Player offers CPU-efficient playback of IPTV streams across networks.

Now equipped with a new add-on for IPTV settings, the system also offers quality and compliance dashboards, as well as instant alerts.

Vitec’s MGW Sprint MPEG-4 H.264 HD encoder/decoder appliance is also on display.

The lineup also includes the Focus FS-H50/60/70 portable proxy recorders, Proxsys PX-series MAM system, the Extensor SDI4Mosaic 4K mosaic generator.