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Ultra 4K toolbox supports 12G-SDI

Test and measurement manufacturer OmniTek is featuring its Ultra 4K Tool Box with added support for the 12G SDI standard. This feature will be available as an upgrade option to all existing customers in the near future.

The addition of support for 12G will make the Ultra 4K Tool Box able to analyse, convert, generate signals and display full frame-rate video across all existing and anticipated formats up to 4096×2160 and in different delivery which include Quad Link HD, Quad Link 3G Level A and 3G Level B Square Division; Quad Link 3G Level A and 3G Level B 2-Sample Interleave; and 6G and 12G.

Also on display is the company’s 12G SDI physical layer support, which includes Eye pattern and Jitter for the analyser and Jitter insertion for the generator.

The company is also demonstrating the ability of the Ultra 4K Tool Box to up/down/cross convert between all the different video standards it supports (in conjunction with its OTM and OTR waveform analysers). In particular, it is demonstrating conversion from 4K to HD output to the OTR, for colour grading for post production customers.