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The fastest workflows yet

The EBU has been working with several of its members on the development of technologies for the provision of personalised broadcast experiences.

The stand demo is around a system that creates a playlist for each profile.

“Each profile, or person, can watch the content off a personalised playlist. The user authentication, the way to associate the media devices with online identities, was one of the challenges, but we have a three-level ETSI standard to tackle this issue,” said Michael Barroco, senior project manager, software engineering at the EBU.

“The other thing is the recommendation situation, the ability to process all that data. This is the full pipeline, the data collection, to processing the data, and then finally retrieving the recommendation to each user,” continued Barroco.

“We have a full DVB multiplex behind the wall, which takes the live feed from the BBC IP studio, and then we generate the breaking news. We take some elements from the BBC studio, transform it into HLS to then be available on mobile devices.”