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The DVB links with Sat>IP to reach mobiles at home

The DVB demonstrations focus on the delivery of content to mobile devices, with an outdoor solution and one for reaching beyond walls and windows with some clever input from the SAT>IP Alliance.

The first device is a small smartphone with an antenna. “When you’re in a good coverage area of the transmitter you can receive the terrestrial transmission with a mobile device.

This could become a very important use case in Germany because it is different to other local countries as it has a more robust transmission mode,” said DVB executive director Dr. Peter Siebert.

Given the attenuation common to houses, it is assumed that the signal will be 20db lower that the auto system for outdoors.

You need a different solution, and here we are working with Sat> IP. You receive the broadcast and re-transmit it over an Ethernet IP network in the home, and what we are showing is transmission via a terrestrial T2 signal.”