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Taking filming to new levels

Autopod is a hot new powered telescopic elevation unit from Polecam, displayed at IBC.

With an elevation range from 55cm to 125cm and taking payloads of up to 70kg, Autopod is opening up a new level of freedom and convenience for filmographers, according to head of business development at Polecam, Stephen Rutherford.

He commented: “This is a very exciting product; there’s nothing else on the market like it. It packs down into a custom-made case and as Autopod is modular, you can double, triple or quadruple stack them together to get the overall size you need.

It also has programmable positioning for three levels with a soft start/stop, so you can vary your shots as you please using the foot pedal or hand controller.

Polecam is also showcasing its .7 wide angle adapter, which has been designed specifically for the Fujinon UHD TF4XA-1 (4mm lens).

This screw-on lens converts the 4mm Prime to a 2.8mm focal length, increasing the horizontal FOV from 71 degrees to 95 degrees.