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Sound progress for audio

This early morning session (Emerald: 08:30-10:00) is always one of the very best attended, which – if nothing else – shows that audio engineers can, and do, get up early for a free session, and with a breakfast provided!

IBC regular Florian Camerer, a senior sound engineer – and something of a recognised industry guru for all things audio – at Austria’s public broadcaster ORF hosts the session. He will present a fascinating and instructive update on all that’s happening in the audio world. He says that audio production and broadcasting are being transformed by new technologies. The next generation of audio experiences will be more immersive and better than ever before.

Camerer is a long-standing member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), and sits on various digital cinema and television standards committees. He is an equally long-standing critic of unnecessary loudness and with a very strong desire for audio levelling!

This ‘early bird’ session, produced with the help of the EBU’s Frans De Jong, stresses how important it is that broadcasters look at
new techniques and file formats to deliver and produce audio in these advanced systems.

Camerer will look at the details and status for some of the latest audio and radio formats, including audio over IP, loudness normalisation and the growing interest in object-based audio for TV production. Camerer and De Jong say that, as usual, this will be a highly interactive and informative session despite the early start.