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Smart storage options

LTO tape storage technology is being showcased in a bid to create more converts in the broadcast industry. LTO Program is adamant that its preferred storage method is the most cost effective and energy efficient way forward for media.

The organisation claimed that when factors such as equipment, media, maintenance, energy costs and floor space are taken into account, LTO tape storage technology is the only answer. LTO Program claimed media professionals today should not overlook the power of tape storage for high capacity storage needs.

The quantity of digital content produced globally every day is staggering, said the organisation. While cloud-based storage services are helping store content that is frequently accessed, the sizable portion of content that remains untouched for long periods of time creates unnecessary burdens for digital content teams when stored in the cloud, as cloud-solutions can be cost and capacity-prohibitive, as well as vulnerable; this is where LTO comes into play.

LTO generation 6 supports tape cartridge storage capacity of up to 2.5TB native.