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Sennheiser: Dante delivered on a card

A Dante card for the EM 9046 receiver has been launched, enabling the Digital 9000 microphone system to be integrated into Dante audio-over-IP networks. Sennheiser said users would be able to conveniently route the system’s high-definition audio data via Audinate’s Dante Controller.

The EM 9046 DAN extension card simply inserts into the expansion slot of the EM 9046 eight-channel receiver. Internally, the card features sixteen audio inputs to send the digital audio and command signals over the Dante network. Connection is via two Gbit RJ45 sockets that serve to establish two redundant network circuits or daisy chain the signals. The card works with sampling rates of 44.1/48/88.2 and 96kHz at 24-bit resolution.

Sennheiser will also adapt its Wireless Systems Manager software to include a monitoring function for the Dante card. Like the card, the new version 4.2 will be available from October and will allow users to listen to and monitor the EM 9046’s Dante audio streams from any point in the network.

The company also announced that Technology and Production Center Switzerland (TPC) would be among the first users of the EM 9046 DAN Dante card.