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RTL goes live for visual radio

RTL Belgium goes on air today with live streaming video from its radio service. It has installed two of the newly upgraded multiCAM Radio, an automated ‘visual radio system’ that allows broadcasters to air live programmes 24/7 – it links audio and video content and permits broadcasters to deliver radio on demand without
human intervention.

“We have had great success with this product. It is easy to use and is linked to the automation system in the station,” said Christophe Tomasini, head of international sales, multiCAM systems.

The upgrade now allows users to add on-air graphics (including automatic RSS or Twitter feeds) and manage all the video production in manual or automated mode. It uses AI software to identify who is talking the most, so that it can change camera angles to ensure the main speakers are in vision at any time, even if they are interrupting each other, “as if you had a human behind the [touch] screen.” Users can change the dynamics of how it does this, even as it is streaming live., 11.E40a