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Rosco buys DMG Lumière

French LED lighting specialist DMG Lumière has been acquired by Rosco Laboratories in a deal concluded at IBC.

“The DMG people have innovated lighting products, particularly in the LED range, which fit perfectly with our direction in film and TV, which makes it an ideal fit,”

said Rosco chairman Stan Miller.
“Rosco has always seen itself as a sales and marketing company, and DMG’s great strength is in creativity, innovation and manufacturing, so the fit is obvious and, for DMG, Rosco’s worldwide distribution network will bring them coverage that they haven’t had,” explained Miller, who sees the deal as a win-win, especially as Rosco needed people with particular LED lighting experience.

DMG is only three years old and has 11 staff. Its range of soft panels are mainly sold as location lights, “but as they are very thin and lightweight they are also being used in small studios”, including green screen use, said Nils de Montgrand, DMG’s MD.

So far, 40 per cent of its sales have been in France, the rest mainly in Europe, so Rosco’s worldwide reach will make a big difference, allowing DMG to concentrate on development, he added.