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Riding the SIP streams with Lawo

Lawo’s R3lay virtual radio mixer software has been upgraded with the ability to use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) streams as on-the-air audio sources.

R3lay is radio software that enables broadcasters to build ‘virtual’ broadcast studios using desktop and laptop PCs. The R3lay line includes the VRX8 8-fader and VRX4 4-fader Virtual Radio Mixer software, VPB Virtual Patch Bay software, and VSC Virtual Sound Card software. All are AES67 compliant for use with standard AoIP networks.

The AES67 networking standard specifies SIP as its connection management for unicast streams, and R3lay v3.0.0.136 gives users the ability to use SIP streams as direct audio sources. Other additions to this software version include upgraded ASIO audio client handling, enhanced program logging features, and improved integration of the open-source Ember+ protocol for control of studio peripherals.

In addition to AES67 streams, R3lay can mix all types of native PC audio using included ASIO, WDM, WASAPI and MME drivers. VRX Virtual Radio Mixers include advanced features like Lawo AutoMix hands-free program mixing, auto-gain one-touch mic calibration, multiple programmable Snapshots, on-screen GPIO hotkeys, and a suite of VST-based audio processing tools.

Stand Number: 8.B50