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Realising new IP potential

The focus for Ericsson is to enable all the players in the media value chain to realise their new potential as the industry transitions to the internet era of TV.

The company will demonstrate how it is helping content owners, broadcasters and telecom, cable and satellite TV service providers to address the challenges and opportunities in front of them as the TV consumer rapidly evolves.

Ericsson will also publish the results of its 2015 ConsumerLab TV study that spans 20 countries and reveals the latest insights into what TV consumers are demanding.

The company is also set to launch new solutions that enable players to become more agile, deliver innovative new experiences and offer new immersive TV formats such as UHD and HDR. It will also focus on driving solutions to the cloud, and enabling IP-networks to become efficient and revenue-generating for delivering the explosion in traffic fuelled by online video.

Ericsson will show how it can meet the needs of its customers’ demands for operational deployment options from platforms on-premises, through software as a service cloud models and into fully managed and outsourced operations.