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Putting QoS in Verspective

In addition to providing fully managed, cloud-hosted alternatives for Verspective, MultiRights OTT Plus and Video Content Authority System (VCAS) solutions with the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, the company is marking its official entrance into the internet of things (IoT) space with the launch of Vtegrity. The new cloud-based platform is said to offer advanced security for connected devices and services throughout the evolving IoT lifecycle.

Verspective is described by Verimatrix as an extensible suite of offerings designed from the ground up to emphasise data security and integrity as a foundation for actionable intelligence. Following its recent acquisition of MiriMON client device data collection technology from Genius Digital, Verimatrix is introducing Verspective

RT which the company says is a new approach to resolving the quality of service (QoS) challenge.

Verimatrix claimed that the products being demonstrated elevate its comprehensive approach to revenue security. According to the company, it is opening new opportunities via the cloud for operators to effectively optimise revenue security and improve their business agility.

Verimatrix is also illustrating how it believes flexible, software-centric security architectures can help progressive operators simplify the realities of a complex, multi-network, multi-device, multi-DRM environment.

The company is highlighting the role it believes it can play in revenue enablement and protection across major industry trends, including high-integrity video analytics, premium UHD deployments, app enablement for over-the-top video and more.