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Power station in a box

A handy carry case for four V-mount batteries can also be used to provide more power and longer run times.

Swit’s new Power Station Box comes in three models, the S-4010, S-4020 and S-4030, each of which has dual XLR DC outputs. Both the 12v+12v S-4010 and the 24v+24v S-4030 can deliver two channels of output simultaneously, but users of the 12v+24v S-4020 can only choose one at a time.

The boxes also have an LED panel to display real-time voltage and low voltage warnings, intelligent protective circuit design, and allow charging without removing the batteries, using the supplied 5A charger.

Swit has also introduced a Dual-channel Intelligent Fast Charger (S-3812A/S) with either V-mount or Gold-mount options, and two-channel simultaneous charging. The charger identifies battery type, and offers 6A fast charging current to Swit batteries (3A otherwise), so that a 160Wh battery can be charged to 80 per cent capacity within 1.5 hours, and fully charged within 2.5 hours. The

IP66-rated S-3812A/S also supports AC to 4-pin XLR DC output and battery to 4-pin XLR DC output, with a maximum of 200W load.