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Personal recommendation for graphyne2

graphyne2, the new personal TV software platform from ADB, now benefits from the integration of ContentWise’s personalised recommendation capabilities. Both graphyne2, and the resulting product are making
a debut at IBC.

The newly launched graphyne2 platform is described as a feature-rich client device and backend software platform, optimised for pay-TV network operators and service providers. Through integrating ContentWise into the platform, ADB said that graphyne2 was able to provide a fully personalised, intuitive and user-friendly UX, enabling quick and easy access to content.

Pancrazio Auteri, CTO, ContentWise, said: “This partnership with ADB is a great fit. Configurable and flexible personalisation, built into graphyne2, allows pay-TV operators to find the perfect balance of UI automation based on machine learning and
editorial content curation.”

Wojciech Doganowski, VP product marketing, personal solutions, ADB, said: “From the moment the viewer switches on the TV, they are presented with their personalised highlights of the day, which begins the immersive, personal experience from the outset.

“Integrating this feature into the graphyne2 platform is a vital component for our customers, who know that to engage viewers and ensure ongoing loyalty, it is imperative that the TV they are watching is truly theirs, and that the recommendations they receive are relevant and personal.”