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Ovide: Smart Assist streams live

The Ovide Smart Assist HD2 video assist can now do live streaming of video to iPads and iPhones using H.264, as well as independent playback.

“We encode live in H.264 and store the clips as well. You can receive up to two different feeds in each iPhone/iPad, and up to 16 different devices can receive the wireless video,” explained Sergi Maudet, Ovide’s technical director.

“Because we record this very same H.264 stream, you can do independent playback from all your devices. So in Smart Assist you can be either live or playing back and each of your iOS devices can be playing back or seeing playbacks of different clips for each unit.”

Smart Assist, which is currently being used on Mission Impossible 5, is based on QTake HD software in an easily portable system with an all-in-one touchscreen, with HD-SDI I/O, independent headphone output, USB 3.0 connectors for external drives, SSD internal video drives and useful features such as a reading lamp

It can record up to 50 hours of ProRes video, plus H.264 live recording for later independent playback and live iPad/iPhone view, transmitted via Smart Assist’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. The system offers compositing (green screen), editing, and metadata handling and has numerous features for 3D, all non-destructive and logged for later data export.