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Official launch for IP gateways

A clutch of gateways that combine video-over-IP hardware with software-based processing are being given their official launch this week.

The Crystal Vision devices can perform various tasks including status monitoring, clean switching, synchronising (including PTP support), delays and IP traffic shaping. They initially support the SMPTE 2022-6 and 2022-7 protocols and can be reconfigured via a software upgrade to support 2110.

The company said that the gateways are ‘ideal’ for integrating SDI into an IP environment.

One of the gateways, the SDI6-IP-VF, squeezes baseband SDI into IP to allow the transport of uncompressed video over 10GbE IP networks. It can convert up to six HD or SD or three 3Gb/s SDI input connections and allows assignment of the converted flows to either of the two output 10GbE links.

A second device, the IP-SDI6-VF, de-encapsulates baseband SDI from 10GbE IP networks, converting to six HD or SD or three 3Gb/s SDI output connections.

In addition, there is an IP-IP-VF IP to IP translator that features four bi-directional 10GbE IP network interfaces. It is said to be ideal for applications where network settings need to be changed in some way, such as network address, multicast to unicast and protocol translation.