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Next-gen UHF broadcast antennas

The new ‘Cavity Slot Antenna’ series combines easy connection options with high broadband flexibility, according to Kathrein. The Cavity Slot Antenna family includes different types for low, medium and high transmitting powers and features low reflection characteristics. Its design aims to provide low weight and low wind load. This allows for easy installation at the transmitter stations.

Wolfgang Niedhammer, director, sales and marketing, broadcast antennas, Kathrein, said: “Broadcast providers will get an efficient and economical broadband antenna solution for transmitting digital TV channels in the entire UHF range from 470 to 790MHz.”

The antenna is horizontally polarised and, due to its cardioid horizontal diagram, ideal for directional radiation into a coverage area, said the company. The integrated null fill prevents coverage gaps in the immediate vicinity of the transmitting site. Several antennas can be mounted on top of each other to achieve an even higher antenna gain.