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New router, new encoder

New for IBC2016 is the Video Firewall Router with 10G interface for Appear TV’s new X20 high-speed networking unit and the offline encoder software package.

Claimed to surpass the capabilities of a traditional enterprise firewall router, the Appear TV Video Firewall is designed to support the multiple gigabytes of UDP multicast traffic required for the IP streaming of video. Features include encryption capabilities when transmitting over a public IP network, as well as a redundancy solution specifically designed for broadcast applications.

Initially, the standard video firewall will support MPEG-TS data for all video formats such as MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and H.265/HEVC. Options to add additional features
such as multiplexing are readily available, and uncompressed data will be added subsequently, the company said. Bulk configuration will be offered through a new graphical user interface, with multi-select and search-based configuration capabilities.

Appear TV now offers the capability of offline encoding and transcoding through its new Offline Encoder Software package.

The package features file-to-file offline and file-to-multiscreen encoding. These processes can be executed in parallel with multiple assets, which Appear TV claimed would enhance the entire encoding process. With the software, content can be automatically ingested into the Appear TV packager/origin server to prepare for multiscreen delivery.