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New features for Lynx Technik Testor

The multistandard Testor | lite handheld test signal generator from Lynx Technik has been enhanced with two new features, a genlock input and independent text overlay for each output.

The Sync BNC connector of the Testor | lite can now be configured to either work as a sync output or reference input.

When configured as a reference input, the Testor | lite can be locked to an external video reference signal. This results in the generated video test signals being in-sync with the reference signal. The genlock input also includes cross lock capability.

The second feature that enhances the Testor | lite is the addition of independent text overlay for each output. Each test pattern output (two are provided) can be configured to support a variety of overlays, including user-defined scrolling or static text. The new feature allows the user to create separate text-overlays for each output.

Stand Number: 8.C70