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Making the most of metadata

The Knowledge Factory from ContentWise is making its IBC debut as a standalone platform designed to help operators better manage their content metadata to deliver a more personalised TV experience.

The company noted that in today’s over-the-top and digital TV landscape, catalogue complexity and metadata quality are still proving to be major challenges for operators and content providers.

Viewers have the option to watch content across linear TV, catch-up, DVR, TVOD and SVOD. As a result, operators are struggling to understand metadata coming from several different sources. In order for service providers to deliver a seamless TV experience, content cannot live in these silos and metadata must be cleaned and harmonised in order to provide the most value.

The Knowledge Factory provides an integrated set of metadata management software and tools to help operators source, enrich, integrate and maintain better content metadata by blending, reconciling, de-duplicating and enriching data from different sources, eliminating metadata silos to deliver personalised TV experiences.

Pancrazio Auteri, CTO of ContentWise, said delivering true personalisation and a superior user experience is only possible if the underlying data is rich, deep and understood by the personalisation system.

“Operators and content providers face enormous challenges today in handling even the simplest of metadata management tasks – and today’s technologies do not have the functionality to support them,” Auteri added. “Our Knowledge Factory is built precisely to help operators make the most of their metadata.”