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KVM-over-IP comes to IBC2016

Argosy, a distributor and manufacturer of HD active and passive studio infrastructure products for the broadcast industry, has partnered with Aten, specialist in connectivity and management solutions for keyboard, video and mouse solutions (KVM) over IP for
the AV market.

“In adding Aten’s KVM-over-IP to our portfolio, we are responding to the increased use in software-controlled systems where broadcast desks are being overloaded with multiple computer terminals,” explained Chris Smeeton, business unit director at Argosy.

“We’re trying to move ourselves up the food chain with customers, adding more products and services.

We have been purely broadcast-focused, and now we will be broadcast and AV; AV is a huge market. Broadcasters’ central operations rooms are starting to look very much like data centres because it’s all about file-based technology now,” he said.

Aten transmitters attach to PC systems located in a broadcast facility’s rack room or data centre, with receiver boxes connected to monitors in workstations across a facility, allowing shared access via IP from any workstation.