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IP revolution takes centre stage at IBC2016 Conference

Today’s IBC2016 Conference agenda is dedicated to IP and Cloud: ‘Transformation in the Digital Era: Leadership, Strategy, Creativity in Media and Entertainment’.

Within the Business Transformation stream of the Conference there are key questions to be addressed. Are IT- and IP-based workflows ready to replace the entire broadcast chain, including the current standard SDI baseband operation? In a cloud-based world powered by giant geographically dispersed data centres, how secure is your data and content?

How do you begin to approach a new enterprise system design? How do you move from capex to opex? Should it be SaaS- rather than hardware-based? What kind of case studies would be of benefit to your operation?

How vertically integrated is your business?

Emerging superpowers like Amazon and Netflix have made dramatic gains thanks to exclusive content, ownership of data and complete control of the user interface – diametrically opposed to the traditional scattergun broadcast model. This type of transformation is a major challenge to all legacy content owners, networks and distribution models.

What is the future role of the internet for broadcast and content delivery? Vendors, broadcasters and standards bodies are currently working hard to bring about standardisation for IP-based operation, in order to prevent the type of fragmentation and proprietary-based systems that operators have been locked into in the past. Meanwhile, key concerns remain about overcoming the latency built into internet-delivered content – which is anathema to the 24/7 always-on requirement of broadcast network delivery.

Business Transformation is one of the six streams that form part of the five-day Conference programme at IBC2016. The stream explores the impact of new technology on businesses and the roadmap to transformation. Options for new infrastructures, processes, creative opportunities and workflows deployed by broadcasting and media companies in a highly competitive landscape will be at the core.

Today will see a full day of case studies and sessions on enterprise systems, IP workflows, and cloud processing and applications. Executive producer John Ive said: “This subject area is extremely important for the industry. It’s the biggest transformation our industry
has experienced in many decades. We are looking at it from a number of different angles from production through to distribution.’’

Business Transformation will also treat a number of other subjects of key importance to the content and video industry including Analytics, Localising Content, Managing Programme Rights, UHD, Data Security and more. “Our industry is going through dramatic changes, challenging and exciting at the same time,” said IBC consultant director of content, Susan Elkington.

“The conference will focus on how the entertainment and media sector is using the accelerating power of technology to transform its businesses. It will be very useful for the content industry, which has a greater level of complexity than it used to.”