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The IP production learning curve

Live IP production has got to work first time, every time says John Smith, head of EMEA, Media Links

When it comes to IP for both remote and studio production, the key issues have always been and still are: latency, how to get all the signals to arrive on time and in the right order with no packet loss. Achieving this generates cash for the complete supply chain. Basically, it’s got to work first time, every time, as you can’t ask Usain Bolt to run twice because the kit went down!

Media Links has been working in this area since 1993 predominantly within the telco market supplying the solutions that enabled content creators to transport their product seamlessly across the fibre networks. The learning curve has been steep, as the world of technology changes on a daily basis and it has been necessary to keep up with the changing demands of what formats are required and to where, plus the need for simultaneous multi-format capability too.

The focus needs to be on how to get the information, to the right device, on time and in a format everyone can understand. The telco market is demanding in this regard, particularly in the area of data. The solution lies in taking advantage of the falling prices of bandwidth plus the increased quality in video codecs and ultra-low latency delivery across WAN network infrastructure. 

Using this model means broadcasters no longer need to carry the high cost of producing live events on-site. The technology is available now, to enable broadcasters and network providers to convert and move the complete suite of broadcast signals – whether video, audio or data – onto their multi-service IP/Ethernet networks. By using this remote production model, both 4K/60P, HD-SDI/3G-SDI camera feeds and data traffic can be sent from the remote venues directly to the studio, where all production and editing can take place. 

The Media Links MD8000 video over IP media transport and switching solutions, and the ProMD NMS Network Management System provide an efficient and reliable way of moving content between shooting locations and the broadcast studio.

As a result, utilisation of bandwidth is enhanced and media connectivity can be maximised over the entire IP network and over long distances. A hitless switching technology prevents packet loss, resulting in zero dropped video packets during event and productions. 

The company’s solutions are deployed globally by broadcasters, and major telcos and recently have been used to provide live content contribution for the Sochi Winter games and World Cup football, experiencing 100% uptime.

In fact, Media Links has provided the backbone technology behind many major events around the globe, learning from each one.

We are now ready to share our knowledge and expertise with the EMEA Market. Come and visit us at IBC.