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Immersive is key for sports

Sports content alone may no longer be enough to keep audiences engaged and loyal, according to Ericsson. At IBC, the company is demonstrating how it believes broadcasters and service providers can address this challenge, showcasing, via what it describes as a ‘state-of-the-art’ sports zone, its solution designed to drive deeper viewer engagement and immersive experiences.

Stella Medlicott, VP marketing and communications, media, Ericsson, said: “There are three main aspects media companies need to consider to provide immersive sports TV experience.

How do you guarantee the best picture quality? How do you ensure relevant sports information is available, understandable and adds value? How do you allow fans to engage with the game and other viewers by sharing their experience in real time?

“Turning viewers into fans and fans into viewers is the ultimate goal of every sports content owner, and providing immersive sports TV experiences is certainly one way to achieve this goal.”

Visitors are witnessing how Ericsson believes sports content can be further enriched during production with graphics and data visualisation using Ericsson’s PIERO sports graphics, as well as PIERO augmented reality.

The company is also demonstrating its vision of bringing the sports experience to life in viewers’ homes by moving the game from the screen and onto the living room floor with AR and holograms.