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Harmonic: New Monitor Mode for ChannelPort

Showcasing its line of solutions designed to optimise the production and delivery of high-value video services in the broadcast, pay TV, and new media environments is Harmonic.

Concurrent with its unveiling of version 7.6 of the Spectrum media server product line last month, Harmonic also launched a new Monitor Mode for the ChannelPort system which enables each simulcast port to be used as a master control/gallery monitor wall output of the primary output, with timecode, clip status, and clip names burned into the video output. Operators thus gain at-a-glance access to on-air clips, says the company. The addition of a Schedule Tool application enables multiple users to create playlists that can later be played to air by Harmonic’s Onboard Playlist Control (OPC) automation.

In refining the company’s MediaDeck server system, Harmonic has embedded all configuration, maintenance, and monitoring tools within the system chassis. The user is presented with a webpage showing alarms and messages, configuration tools, status configuration, and licensing information and maintenance tasks in an easy-to-use interface.