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Guntermann & Drunck : Change breeds opportunity and uncertainty

The state of the industry can be described best as one of ever-lasting change, especially since the transition from tape to file based workflows, with new technologies emerging ever faster.
First it was full HD becoming a standard. Not that long ago, right? Then we had 3D. Was that a hype or not? Recently it seems to be all about 4K, or more specifically, Ultra HD. Is this the future?

The answer is “yes”. For a while! Looking down the line, there is 8K and even 16K. Then there are all those different delivery modes, from linear via OTT up to mobile, all requiring different playout formats. Without doubt, there is a lot to come!

All of these major changes have one thing in common: uncertainty. With any new development there’s usually a large amount of investment involved. But who wants to invest large sums when they can’t be sure what really is to come, how long it will last and how it will evolve? Having an infrastructure that’s future-proof becomes a near essential.

This infrastructure must provide a means where systems can be combined so that existing equipment can be used alongside new state-of-the-art technologies. If there is a move to a new industry standard, it should not mean that everything has to be replaced at once. Major items of hardware can remain in situ for the long term with comparatively minor pieces of equipment being necessary to improve performance – for as long as the infrastructure allows using them in combination.

At G&D, we understand the needs of today’s broadcast industry. That’s why we carefully look at durability and future adoptability when developing new systems. For example, recent options like our BRIDGE function allow combining existing analogue matrix switches with the new digital ones. Users don’t have to bother with which machine they’re working on – they just choose the application, not the technology behind it. Thus old and new systems can be combined, ensuring a higher ROI on the KVM system as well as on the broadcast equipment itself.

Such systems allow for a soft migration of the broadcast environment, as one part after the other can be replaced. We are demonstrating the versatility of our products on our stand at IBC. Visitors will be able to see how we can use a combination of different video signals from analogue via digital, Full HD, 2K and up to 4K (Ultra HD) and more, including USB and high bandwidth audio. Through these products, our experience, and by providing expert advice, we can give our customers the future-proof infrastructure they are looking for.

With the right installation and systems in place, the future need hold no fears. New developments can be embraced for what they are – opportunities to create great content with additional means of distribution for an even wider reach. Which all adds up to better experiences for the consumer followed by market growth for broadcasters.